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Our MONTRIDGE SCHOOL is the realistic picture of your dreams of making your children to reach pinnacle of the glory by adapting perfect and simplified strategies. We had a wonderful track record of receiving accolades by molding thousands of students into useful and acceptable citizens through our Montessori Institutions during a long journey of 18 years.

About management

Mr. Raju, Chairman

A man stands behind the success of Montridge School,Identifying the need of the "Education with values" has entered in the field with the name of Montessori schools, started in the year of 1998.  Mr. Raju always think about the new methodologies to be implemented for the good quality teaching and also applied those.

His concern is about the weak candidates also should fulfill the dreams of their parents, by providing the extra care it is proved with the Results. Mr. Raju says in his words "If a seed of a flowering plant will not grow, we do not blame the plant. Instead, the fault lies with us for not having nourished the seed correctly; it is our responsibility to put in order and to shape the future of the children". He always trusts Honesty and Dedication.