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It is the beginning of the day’s schedule starting with prayer followed by songs, music and informative speeches. On the whole, 10 minutes morning assembly creates a high sense of curiosity and motivates students for a better interaction and learning.


For Nursery Classes:Monday thru Friday- 8.30A.M. to 12:00P.M.
For Other Classes:Monday thru Saturday- 8.30A.M. to 3:15P.M.
Breakfast Session-10:20A.M. to 10:30A.M.
Lunch Session-12:30P.M. to 1:00P.M.
Second Saturday- No regular classes for Students


1st Term:March to September
2nd Term:September to March


In every academic year, the school reopens in the second week of June on the date notified.

Student Evaluation and Examination:

Under Co-scholastic, student will be evaluated under scholastict and Co-scholastic skills
Under Scholastic, student will be evaluated in Work education, Art, Health and Fitness and discipline.
Examination will be conducted separately for Primary and Upper Primary Class. Under CBSE guidelines Examination are conducted in Two terms.

Term-I: From April to September
Term-II: From September to March

In each term two Periodic Assessments, Subject enrichment Skills and Note book[C.W.] assessment will be conducted.

In September Term-I[Half Yearly] exam will be conducted.

In March Term-II[Yearly] exam will be conducted.


100% attendence is compulsory. Those who have less than 75% attendence they have to submit Medical Certificate to appear the exam.


Annual fee can be paid in 3 terms.
Term-I: March to July,
Term-II: August to October,
Trem-III: December to February.


Transport facility from the school on all working days is available on request, to students from various specified points along the fixed routes only. The transport fee is collected three times during the academic year along with the tuition fee.

For Pre-Primary house drop facility is available. For every bus one lady attendent will be provided.
Parental Co-operation:

Parents are requested to send their wards regularly to school in time and in complete,neat uniform. They are requested to check their wards Home wark and diary entry regularly and sign them.


All correspondence regarding students shall be send to the Principal.The person correspondence must be parent or guardian.

Office Working Hour: 8.30A.M to 3.30P.M.
Saturday: 8.30A.M to 2.00P.M.